How To Draw And Paint 360 Panoramas In Photoshop

New tools are emerging that help artists create in ways they never have before. 360 videos and interactive VR is the forefront of these types new innovations, but there are also panoramic images that can be made with just Photoshop on your computer screen if you wanted to do so!

Photoshop has some pretty advanced 3D environments and toolset, letting you build 3D objects. You can also paint or texture 360 panoramas with the help of Photoshop’s engine for these features!

This video will show you how to create a beautiful scene using Environment Concept Artist Tim Kaminski’s process. He starts off by following Jama Jurabaev’s multi-point curvilinear perspective grid in 3D, which he found helpful for painting pixels perfectly within the environment of your game or app!

Check out Tim’s example where you can navigate around in 360°… neat stuff!