How To Draw And Rig A Flat Design Character With Moho

Troy Picou Walks Through Creating and Rigging a Flat Design Character Head in Moho, With Basic Controls.

Flat design is still prevalent in the motion graphics world, even today. It’s interesting to see how it can be used another application other than Adobe After Effects for animation purposes and that’s what animator Troy Picou has done with Moho software.
Rigging your character may seem like an arduous task but this video tutorial will show you just three simple steps!

After Effects is a more robust program with complicated tools. It can be used for all sorts of things, but it’s not the best if you want something lightweight and simple like character animation or rigging techniques.

Moho on the other hand also offers native bones which are important when animating complex characters because they help dictate what kind control each joint has in order for them to move realistically without getting into excessive amounts that would make controlling your individual fingers impossible before export time! This particular tutorial only covers using Mynd Tools due their fast pace versus waiting around while importing at certain intervals instead – there’re no shortcuts.