How To Drive Vellum With Input Animation

Christopher Rutledge shares some Houdini tips showing how to drive vellum with input animation.

Christopher Rutledge has just released a new tutorial on Houdini Vellum. Retired artist turned digital filmmaker, his videos are always packed with useful information and great production tips – this one is no exception! The latest video installment shows how you can drive vellum with input animation while still having parts of your character interact in real-time using motion capture data outputted from Mocap Studio Pro.

Rutledge has all the Houdini files available used in her video tutorial. Another thing of note is that she’s keeping an evergreen doc, so it will be updated with more resources and also post some tutorials by herself too! You can find this Google Drive file here: https://docs-google1 JonalzGoogleDrivecom Rutledg3 1
It contains info about how to use certain programs like Maya or Unity which are very helpful when making animations for your videos instead using just Photoshop without any other toolsets.