How To Easily Animate An Isometric Bar Chart In Ae

Move Shapes shows you how to make a bar chart animation in Ae using Illustrator artwork.

Creating dynamic bar charts in After Effects is one thing; animating a simple grow effect on some isometric bars, as seen above from the video below by Niner Animation Studio & Design Ltd., can be quite another.

Dynamic charts have direct links with data where if this changes after you’ve created them and applied your settings to it – they’ll automatically update themselves accordingly! But there are also tools out there which make growing effects easy even without having any knowledge of how these things work or what goes into making them happen behind-the scenes .

The new tutorial from the Move Shapes channel (Peter Arumugam) shows how you can manipulate Adobe Illustrator artwork in After Effects. It all comes down to masking and keyframe trickery, but it’s really easy!