How To Easily Manipulate Complex Cinema 4D Splines

Sean Dove Shows How You Can Shape C4D Splines Without Tediously Moving Individual Points.

SPlines are an essential element in Cinema 4D. They’re incredibly versatile, having roots that date back to the early days of computer animation and more! If you find yourself working with really complex spline shapes though (like those who use constructive geometry), manipulating individual points can be tedious work because it’s difficult not only keep curves nice-and-smooth but also align them properly along their entire length or width…

Until now! Sean Dove shows us how we too may achieve these same kinds of effects using practical techniques rather than just moving around our mouse pointers every few seconds like some kind’a weird game show host forced into hosting duty by circumstance alone.

“I’ve done my fair share of manual spline point placement,” says Dove. The demonstration uses an image inspired by a single line art piece from French creative duo DFT that is often used for animation and 3D modeling projects, but can also be useful in video editing software if you want to move individual points around without having too many at once hiding under your mouse cursor constantly.”