How To Efficiently Simulate A Dynamic Chain In Houdini

Fabricio Chamon Shows How Best to Simulate a Dynamic Chain Using Sphere Collisions and the Bullet Solver.

Houdini is a powerhouse of the dynamic world. With so many tools at your disposal, simulating these types of elements can be difficult – especially when it comes to chains and collisions between different parts that are part rigid bodies. All those links in chain-form make things even more complicated as they have such proximity together with other objects which will cause calculations for collision or interactions among each other altogether too much effort sometimes!

FX TD Fabricio Chamon shows a much more efficient way to create and simulate chains in Houdini. His technique uses VDB sphere collisions along with the bullet solver that offers one of the most stable ways for this type of work, whether it be static or dynamic! It also covers how you can model free-form curves so your chain links are always where they need to be without having mesh constraints holding them back too much – sometimes just moving around is enough when modeling these types pieces (or parts).

Houdini is an industry standard for effects. It’s no wonder that Fabricio Chamon has a handful of tutorials on this website that cover all types of topics in his realm!