How To Encode Large Size Mp4’s With Media Encoder

TipTuts shows you how to bypass the MP4 size limit with its successor, Media Encoder.

Video compression technologies are constantly evolving to keep up with the changing landscape of video. Nowadays, it’s not just about getting file sizes down but also maintaining quality for larger frame sizes that can be encoded in huiti format or 4k resolution without worry over codecs- Adobe Media Encoder handles them all!

This quick tip from TipTuts demonstrates how this is possible. Well, not with H.264 but using the newer HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) format for video compression that can be easily translated by Adobe Media Encoder into a few common formats such as mp4 or mkv to view on mobile devices!

HEVC offers about double the data compression at a similar level of quality to H.264 or MPEG-4, making it an attractive alternative for online video streaming services that are looking to increase their capacity without sacrificing performance in terms of bandwidth consumption on site since HEVC can be streamed over internet connections delivering high speeds with low Latency levels.