How To Export From World Creator To Cinema 4d Octane Render

Rhett Dashwood shows how to export World Creator maps into C4D and Octane.

World Creator is a terrain creation tool that allows artists to create amazingly detailed landscapes in real-time. It’s excellent as an additional app for your workflow; whether you want something more functional like Cinema 4D or just some fun graphics on top of what’s already there (like how I do). Check out this new tutorial by Rhett Dashwood which shows how best Export World creator files into C4D and map them with Octane Render. A successful video awaits those who follow these simple steps: 1) Open WoldC.

Export World Creator Maps Into C4D and Octane.

To create the perfect terrain and landscape for your 3D app, you need to know how it’s done. In this tutorial Dashwood shows his method of getting all of those maps that are necessary in order to rebuild shaders with Octane render from Cinema 4D.

About Rhett Dashwood.

Rhett Dashwood is an award-winning Creative Director with experience in a broad range of creative media, including digital and print. Rhe has worked for multiple studios during his 15+ years in the industry: Emery/Frost; Tribal; AKQA (Anchor