How To Export Metahuman To Maya And Back To Unreal

Lucas Ridley shows off a possible workflow to get Unreal Metahumans into Maya and back to Unreal Engine.

A new company called Unreal Metahumans has created a digital human that can be customized for any occasion. With their advanced technology, you will never need to worry about failure at photoshoots again!

Metahumans are an exciting new addition to the world of video games. They can be used as enemies or allies, depending on what your game needs! Lucas Ridley shows one possible workflow for bringing these characters into Autodesk Maya and round-tripping back through Unreal Engine in order to make them look even more authentic than before.

“Lucas has been working on this all weekend for you,” says Ridley. “I got some tips from him about using the live face link in Unreal Engine 4.”