How To Export Metahuman To Maya And Back To Unreal recently had a lunch with the Chaos Group, and they were excited to share some great news: They have integrated V-Ray rendering in their cloud service so you can now use it from anywhere on!

Metahumans are a new type of creature that can be used to bring Maya creatures into other programs. They’re so cool, and it’s an easy process!

“I spent the weekend figuring out this workflow so you don’t have to.” Lucas says. His eyes light up with excitement as he speaks about his latest project, “A new way for people who make games and want their creations shown off on social media without having an official account of their own!”

“It’s called Face Links,” Ridley chimed in helpfully from across the room where she was sitting next to some scrolling monitors displaying various graphics software programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator; all part animals that were probably going into development soon according her observations during Daily Design Lunch meetings earlier today over coffee.