How To Get Clean Meshes Using Instant Meshes

SouthernGFX, a well-known figure in the 3D modeling world and instructor at Southern University gives an informative tutorial on how to create clean topology when using Instant Meshes.

He discusses different methods for cleaning up your mesh so that it has a better flow with edge loops instead of having jagged edges everywhere or being too complicated for animators who use programs like Nomad Sculpt & Forger App but also deskbound solutions such as Blender
Burning questions:

1. What’s your current project?

2. Do you have any tips/tricks from working within this type of environment

“It’s important to have clean topology and UV unwrapping when posing your mesh so that it is easier for the artist who will be painting or sculpting on top of it. A low poly model also helps with this process because they can just focus more time per layer without having multiple geometry objects in one place cluttering up their viewport.”

The Instant Meshes app is a free way to quickly and easily create your own sculpted 3D models. The retopology tools are similar in function to what you would find on more expensive software like ZBrush or even Cycles interface of subdivision surfaces for high detail work, but they do not require any previous knowledge of ANT lactate projection-based mesh generation concepts which can take some time learning about if one wants access straight away upon first launching the program!
A team over at ACM Transactions On Graphics has developed this awesome little tool that does exactly as advertised.