How To Get Started With Grease Pencil 2d Animation

In an effort to increase 2D workflow efficiency, Matias has developed a cover for Grease Pencil that will make it easier than ever before.

Artists and animators have long awaited Blender’s Grease pencil tool. It might be in alpha, but you can still download it today! Here is a tutorial by Matias Mendiola about how to use this exciting new 2D animation technique with an explanation of what exactly “greeze” means when applied on topographic maps like those found at Google Earth or Open Street Maps (OSTOMAP). He also demonstrates some cool ways that artists may want make their own OSTOMAP map using image textures from satellite imagery which would then allow them greater creative freedom than ever before – all while getting ready for #blend14 where I will talk more specifically

Mendiola covers everything you need to know about working with GP, and that includes the basics from drawing all the way up through adding FX. The tutorial also teaches how create some cool new effect modifiers like Blur or Lighting which will give your grease-pencil objects an instant look in real time!