How To Get That Glossy Look In After Effects

Noble Kreative shows how to get a nice glossy look to a reveal in After Effects.

In the third installment of his video tutorial series, Najib Khayati shows how to create a super glossy reveal effect in Adobe After Effects using only Ae standard tools. The process doesn’t require any specialized plugins or scripts so it’s easy for beginners to follow along with!

Khayati shows how she can fake the 3D look using a cell pattern in Ae.

A tutorial on creating an animated logo reveal Khayti walks through the process of making it with standard materials and techniques as well as those who are not so acquainted or comfortable yet at working inside their software programs like Adobe Illustrator where this particular effect takes place:

The application we’re going to use here is called After Effects – if your company doesn’t have access themselves then they will definitely come across other people mentioning its name when looking into hiring designers/artists because most likely there’s no denying that without knowing any better you would assume everything worth doing starts & ends right around these parts.