How To Get X-particles Rendering With Corona

Shawn Astrom shows an easy way to get Xparticles working with Corona Renderer in Cinema 4D.

There are a lot of improvements being made to both xParticles and Corona Render. The only thing is that they aren’t officially supported in C4D yet, but Shawn Astrom has found an easy way around it with just one simple workaround – you can get your scene renderer working overtime by using their tag!

Corona, or Corona SDK is great for developers who are looking to make games without the need of programmers. Developers can use this powerful toolkit in their own software development pipeline and get particles up on screen within minutes! However there’s one little snag: xParticles isn’t supported yet but don’t worry because you can whip out an X-particles xpGenerator Object which will allow them do render with corona quickly until full support comes from dev team members themselves.

Corona has been around since 2009 when we first launched our Game engine – now known as “Coronatrax Studio Engine 2 (CTS2)”. What started off solely as a way for independent creators like ourselves at Team CTSU.

X-Particles is the ultimate particle and effects tool for Cinema 4D. You can find out more information about X-particles on ToolFarm, where they offer a 30 day free trial that will let you experience what this great program has to offer!