How To Illuminate The Sky From Lightning In After Effects

Clayton Walker shows how you can illuminate the sky in After Effects using 3D layers and lights.

A composite is a huge project. Adding little details to your scene will make all the difference in how believable it seems, as an example of this are sky lights that light up when lightning strikes for some extra shimmering effects! Check out new tutorial from ActionVFX and Clayton Walker who show you exactly what they did here so now no matter where I go or my skill level with lighting subjects please let me know if anybody knows anything about sending files through emails.

The tutorial will show you how to create a video that looks as though it was shot with lightning. It covers using 3D layers and point lights, adding keyframes for animation effects such as motion blur or SFXs (sound effect), masking – where parts of the frame are hidden from view so they don’t distract viewers by accidently revealing something too soon etc., creating glows all while staying true to what type-of scene would be expected at each stage in production!

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