How to Import HDRIs into BLender

A scene with an environment that feels realistic is the perfect addition to any project. A lack of one can be distracting and offputting, especially if you are trying to get creative! However it’s easier than ever before thanks in part by all these amazing resources available today – but sometimes they’re difficult or time consuming to use on your own

HDRIs are a must for any background, and when combined with HDR Support in Blender can give your images an all-encompassing 360 degree view. This allows you to create the perfect sunset or natural lighting effects without spending hours working on individual rays of light throughout every pixel yourself!

Topics Covered:

  • Timestamps for the video
  • Introduction 0:00
  • HDRI Haven 0:30
  • Opening Blender and Adding Plane/Cube 1:30
  • Importing Our HDRI 2:10
  • How to Rotate Our HDRI 3:10
  • How to Make Background Transparent 4:30
  • Conclusion 5:20