How To Incorporate Matrix Collision Into A Rig

An informative Maya Collision rig is a Python script for the software that builds matrix based collision systems. The free and simple-to use MatrixCollisonRig has been around longer offered by VFX artist/technical background Paul Winex known as “PWGi”.

Using a matrix-based collision system, you can have elements in your scene come into animated contact with each other. Vehicle wheels contacting the ground and cloth elements all benefit from this type of technology for prop creation or character animation projects alike!

One of the most important aspects in video game design is a collision. Collisions allow for interesting interactions with your characters, such as having them walk into walls or other objects while moving about a scene.
Colliders are great because they’re easy to set up–simply define what kind of collideable object(s) you want and bam! You’ve got yourself some fun gameplay coming right at ya’.

You’ll want to watch this short tutorial on how you can incorporate Matrix Collisions into a character rig for the feet. It’s really easy!

Paul is a great coder, but he’s not done yet! In his quest to make your life easier and more efficient Paul has created some other fantastic tools.

One such tool lets you code for Houdini Nuke Maya or even Macromedia Studio depending on what type of project it was that called out to him most urgently with Multi Script Editor which allows users access both single coding JavaScripts as well as larger blocks together in one place making collaborating among teams much simpler than before now because they don’t have search through 15 different locations trying find exactly where each script lies buried-or put another way.

Visit the repository for Paul’s Collision Matrix Rig tool, a free download.