How To Key Nearly Anything In After Effects

Kriscoart shares his technique for how to get a great green screen key in After Effects with stock tools.

One workflow that always seems to be hit and miss with a lot of users is getting the perfect green screen key. If you’re looking for an easier way, look no further than Composite Brush! It only requires few clicks from your end – there are plenty more tools in Ae that will help make this process quick and seamless too though if desired
-Kris Truini (Kriscoart).

Truini covers a variety of topics in this video, including Keylight and Key Cleaner. It also provides information on how to composite with After Effects for green screen footage cutouts that are easy-to follow along with some simple compositing tips!
In the following session I’m going over color matching techniques when working from reference photography against your background plate while using various tools within Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Audition CS6+, meaning you’ll be able do more than just edit sound effects – but make them too…