How To Layer Materials In Redshift With The Material Blender

The You and Me Academy dives into stacking or layering materials in Redshift using the Material Blender.

In Redshift, the Material Blender is a node-based material that lets you stack or layer images. Most systems will have one for each of these: textures, mattes and shaders too!

A Node-Based Way of Stacking.

In the new tutorial from You + Me Academy, stack materials on top of each other. The process can be similar to what you would do in Photoshop or another graphic design program if that makes sense? I’m not entirely sure as it may have been different when Redshift first launched but now there are some unique features specific only for this app!

“It will feel a bit foreign at first,” says one reviewer about learning how layering works with their favorite 3D application–but after getting accustomed they’ll love everything this offers over traditional methods like texturing maps/mixing bowls.