How To Layer Ocean Bakes For Large-scale Water In Blender

Dylan Neill shows how you can use some new features in Blender to create large-scale water, like oceans.

You’ll want to use workflows when it’s appropriate. The best way is with large-scale water, like oceans and other details; that process should be changed in Blender 2.93 thanks to a new tutorial from Dylan Neill who revisits one of his earlier tutorials for creating foam on top of oceans using DCC tools within the popular open-source 3D suite called “Blender.”

The ocean is one of the most iconic locations in movies and games. It’s rare to find a scene without waves crashing on the shore, boats sinking under their weighty watercraft, or fish leaping out from below with Underswimmer style agility! But how do you create this? Well, thanks for asking Dylan–he’s created some awesome tutorials that will help get your feet wet when creating an entire ocean for yourself at home.

This first video covers setting up swells using regular height maps as well as vertical cliffs which can be used to make sense look less repetitive while also adding detail – useful if there are pieces within distances.

About Dylan Neill.

Dylan Neill is an experienced 3d artist with more than 20 years of VFX industry experience. His expertise covers all aspects of cg-animation production, including apps and games online advertising television feature films; he’s worked on major brands like Toyota Qantas Telstra.

Dylan’s credits include Outlaw King Lord Of The Rings Kong I Robot commercials for major carriers such as Telsar Australia Air New Zealand Korean Airways Delta United Dutch KLM Royal Caribbean Norwegian Lufthansa Northwest Airlines American.