How To Make A 3d Particle Explosion In After Effects Without Any Particles Or 3d

Oliver Randorff walks us through making a 3D particle explosion in After Effects, pretty much manually.

A new tutorial from Motion Designer Oliver Randorff shows how you can create what looks like a 3D explosion; only the technique doesn’t use particles nor 3D elements. Instead, he uses Ae PreComp’s 2d animated sequence in After Effects to make one manually!

This tutorial shows how to build a particle explosion in After Effects that is not 3D. The controls for creating this type of graphic are also covered, and it can be done with either pre-rendered stock footage or photographs as well if you’re looking ahead at your timeline rather than remembering what was created earlier on when working offline (for example).

About Oliver Randorff.

A Denmark-based motion designer, Oliver Randorff specializes in animation with eight years of experience. His driven by great animations and carefully adjusted keyframes for beautiful motions that are even better stories to tell!