How To Make A Sci-fi Component Using Moi3d

Contrafibbularities shares more tips for working with MOI3D to create a Sci-Fi Component.

With a new tutorial, Wolfgang Rode shows how to create sci-fi models for Cinema 4D users.

Sci-Fi Components: Hard-Surface Work Requires Solutions

With the wide range of tools that can solve problems, hard surfaces are much easier to create with MOI3D. In this tutorial, we will be using MoI 3D skills learned in previous videos and creating a simple sci-fi part for modeling practice.”

Adding MOi3D to Your C4D Workflow

MOI3D is a revolutionary new 3D modeling program that can be used for creating complex shapes much faster than traditional polygon models. Unlike other programs, MOI works with surfaces and NURBS allowing you to build forms quickly without worrying about complicated geometry or messy artwork- it’s like designing in clay!

The tutorials covered by Wolfgang Rode teach artists how they use this software both inside of Cinema 4D as well as independently from C4Ds routines; giving users insight into every step along the creative process – all while making things look good enough quality on its own (without needing anything else).

About Wolfgang Rode

Wolfgang Rode, the man behind many of your 3D designs. He’s an enthusiastic hobbyist that usually works with Maxon Cinema 4D but has also learned how to model using other software packages like SketchUp or Blender

Wolfgang ‘s passion for creating things began at a young age when he would watch less-experienced friends play video games while they got better faster than him – because there were no tutorials on what buttons did which moves! Fast forward 20 years later and WOLFFSTARTER is still seeking out new challenges both inside gaming communities as well outside them–such as his recent involvement in teaching people who may never have thought about learning computer graphics programming through Youtube videos.”