How To Make An Anime-style Fire Shader In Blender

Kristof Dedene shows how to create a shader network that offers anime-style fire in this video.

In this new Blender tutorial from Kristof Dedene, you will learn how use the shader nodes in blender to create a stylish fire effect. This animated flame is perfect for anime-style projects and can be easily customized so it fits with your project’s style too!

In order to produce Anime flames or any other types of dynamic fires simply enter “Fire” into the Shading menu under Mode & choose Opacity Triangle Mesh Renders Smoothly; when changing between different styles there’s no need add more settings such as Fluid Dynamics (this requires an additional license).

Noise, Animation, and Other Tricks

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a fire shader from scratch. First we start by generating Voronoi noise with Blender’s Procedural Noise module and then build it out into something much more complex in the Shader Editor of your choice! You can download all assets needed here if interested (a scene file along with an .blend file).