How To Make An Fk/ik Switch Using Drivers In Blender

Dikko shows how to create an FK/IK Switch in Blender, making use of Drivers.

The latest installment from Youtube Dikko covers character rigging in Blender. He shows how to create an FK/IK switch using a driver, which allows for easier animation when you want direct manipulation of your animations but still have the option of inverted kinematics if that’s what is required by your choreography (or personal preference).

The latest in Dikko’s rigging series continues to build out the FK and IK components of a character model. Those connected bones are what give life-like behavior when being animated with blender, so it’s important not only for games but also film production or other disciplines where characters need convincing movement! This video will show you how they come together at each stage – “We then build control bone that allows us switch between modes using driver!”