How To Make An Ocean In Cycles Blender 2.72!

By Addicted to CG

In 20 minutes you’ll learn how to make an ocean in blender! The techniques that we teach can be applied not only for seas/oceans but also other types of rivers.

I hope that you have found my “How to make ocean in Blender 2.72” video helpful and informative, as well as entertaining! I would love it if all of the information is sinking into your brain cells because we’re going over something really important today – creating beautiful art with 3D modeling software like blender or SketchUp
-so please stay tuned for more tutorials on different topics from howtos at home projects too large scale architectural drawings etc.. again thank so much watching this one

More videos are going to be uploaded evry 1 or 2 days ( maybe 3 if I get ill or something )!

Thank you for reading my description!