How To Make Backgrounds And Hdri With The World Node Editor In Blender

Chipp Walters returns with some amazing tips for working with the World Node Editor in Blender

Image-based lighting is a digital artist’s best friend. HDRI images can be used to build special effects for your scene, or provide the right kind of reflection and lighting that will make final artwork look realistic as if it was created with traditional materials like paint on canvas
“Blender,” an open source 3D software package developed by Netherlands’ National Institute for Translation (NIT) allows users not only work within prebuilt environments but also create new ones from scratch which would take hours before doing so using other packages suchsbox programs Adobe Photoshop® CS6 Extended.

Chipp Walters returns with some more great tips for working in Blender. His new tutorial looks into using the World Node to createGradient-laden or solid color backgrounds, and covers how you can get HDR images that will light your scene properly!