How To Make Concentric Shapes With Houdini

Liam Clisham shows how you can make concentric shapes using Side FX Houdini easily.

This week, we’ve got a new tutorial from Five31 Liam Clisham that will show you how to make concentric shapes using for-each loops in Houdini. When it comes time for making these types of shapes I often think about using Copy Transform SOP nodes but have found this technique isn’t very effective so far as expected!

However For Each Loop should offer better results here because they can deal with entire groups at once rather than just individual transforms which is what copy tansforms do by default if given an input primitive object without any other options set beforehand.

About Liam Clisham

Liam Clisham is an award-winning designer who specializes in motion graphics and visual communications. His website, Five Thirty One, displays the latest projects he’s working on as well as profiles of other creatives that inspire him to create new work.