How to make FPS Animations in Blender 2.8+

By thriftydonut

Thanks for watching and happy new year. I have a few animations planned, then I’ll release another tutorial on 3DS Max that is similar to this one! Thanks again everyone who helped with these videos by providing feedback or answering questions along the way 🙂

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Music (in order):
Aviino – When The Rain Came In
Allem Iversom – Awake
Sleepy Fish – for when it’s warmer
Idealism – illusions
Aviino – Bluetooth Ringtone (interlude)
Pandrezz, Nymano – Hometown
Arbour, Harris Cole – Rosewood
Allem Iversom – me and my tiger
Sleepy Fish – i wish it would never stop snowing
Nymano – Sunday Mornings
Allem Iversom – Wash
Harris Cole – larkspur

0:00 Intro
0:09 Getting started with Blender
1:30 Where to find assets
2:14 Preparing your model
5:32 Appending and rigging
7:14 Pose, constraints, and origin
9:15 Animating: Draw
10:13 Animating: Fire
10:54 Animating: Reload
11:36 Rendering in Blender
12:04 Exporting to FBX
12:35 Next Steps