How To Make It Rain Dollar Bills With Cinema 4D

Alpha Pixel shows how you can make it rain dollar bills, confetti, or streamers, in Cinema 4D.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make objects rain down in Cinema 4D. From dollar bills and cash fountains all the way down to individual pieces of paper floating through space – Alpha Pixel’s AJ Haines has got your back! He’ll teach us about emitters too: what they are and why we use them so often (spoiler alert!).

AJ starts off by showing us his own personal favorite type- “the static.” It can do everything from spitting out confetti at celebrations like weddings or birthdays; adding snowflakes onto footage during winter scenes just before Christmas time; even making those pesky raining animals disappear when playing as Link.

The paper-physics feel of the dollar bills can be achieved with soft body dynamics in Cinema 4D.

The technique is so versatile, it can be applied to all of your favorite confetti and streamers. You don’t have an excuse for not writing thank-you notes anymore!