How to Make Lightsabers in Blender (the hard way, and the easy way)

By IanHubert

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0:21 Constructing the Lightsaber
0:51 The Hard Way – Rotoscoping the blade
2:31 Masking Foreground Objects
3:07 The Easy Way – Tracking the blade
4:17 Modeled a lightsaber in blender
5:45 The decision we all must take.

The 2004 video was a blast from the past! I used an HDRI from, which is full of amazing resources for all sorts of projects and designs that will make your photos come alive with realistic lighting effects. For those unfamiliar with this site it really should be on top as one if not their first stop when looking into adding some stunning visuals to pictures they might have taken themselves or sourced elsewhere online – trust me you’ll regret missing out otherwise.

Anakin played by Michael Dopieralski