How To Make Plastic, Wood, And Metal In Arnold For Cinema 4D

MographPlus shows fundamental approaches for creating realistic plastic, wood, and metal in Arnold.

Mograph+ and Kamel Khezri share their expertise in creating realistic materials for Arnold. They teach the fundamentals of a workflow that covers both organic shapes as well as hard surfaces like plastic, wood or metal with this tutorial!.

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to create some fundamental shaders in C4DtoA. You can choose from plastic or wood; Parquet flooring (think chess pieces); Concrete textures like bricks and mortar for building walls etc.; Metal patterns that range form industrial looking pattercs such as forge marks on metal objectand mesh-like designs used often by engineers who work withengineers. These are just examples but there is an entire library fullof different techniques applicable across any design challenge!

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