How To Make Realistic Sky In Blender 2.9 Eevee In 3 Minutes | Blender For Beginners | Cg Bird

By CG bird

In this video I will show you how to make a realistic sky in Blender with the Lighting Dynamic Sky Add-on. First, we need some lighting and then we can create our atmosphere! It’s really easy once you know what tools are available on your computer screen for tweaking those colors like magic (no joke!). Let’s get started by opening up Blender 2D/3D software program; it could be down stairs or somewhere nearby depending upon whether there is electricity left after all this thunderstorm business has passed through – whichever location suits best at any given moment: Next step would involve activating an add-on such as “Lighting Dynamic Sky.” With these additional features enabled withinBlenders user interface.

Thank you for watching! I hope the video was helpful and enjoyable. In my next one, we’ll talk about brining in new customers with social media marketing strategies like Facebook ads or Twitter campaigns – it’s not just for restaurants anymore 🙂

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