How To Match Cameras And Lenses With Maya

MeshMen Studios shows some tips on how to best match camera details inside Maya.

In a continuation of his VFX fundamentals series of tutorials, Peter Aversten posts an in-depth look into how to match cameras and lenses while inside Autodesk Maya.

Matching live action footage or even still images for 3D elements is essential when it comes time putting together movies with visual effects that involve both real life settings as well as computer generated imagery (CGI).

“I will be focusing specifically on matching up plates captured by different camera angles so they can later go back through post production where color grading may need adjusting based off what angle you shot from,” says this expert videographer. Averyten explains about one new video he has just uploaded onto YouTube called ‘Camera Matching Fundamentals.

“I never used a camera with a speedbooster before, so I needed to test out the settings and see how they would work in 3D,” says Aversten. The tutorial is an excellent way of learning about your own setup because you can watch someone else go through it step by step while preparing solutions for future projects!

If you’re looking for a way to improve your productivity and creativity, then film back is the answer! This matcher can help with all of those pesky camera settings so that getting one perfect shot after another becomes effortless. And fspy stand-alone software will make sure any project comes out just as good–if not better than before!–since it takes into account exposure brightness etcetera.