How To Model A Donut Procedurally In Houdini

Konstantin Magnus takes a cue from Blender tutorials to show how to create a donut in Houdini.

With what seems to be everyone jumping on the Blender 2.8 bandwagon, you may have seen a lot of 3D donuts around! The donuts are primarily due to this awesome tutorial by blogger and expert user-teacher Konstantin Magnus who inspired others with his fun example about how that workflow might look inside SideFX Houdini; modeling one procedurally in their new version (H2) which is short for Hypershading Engine – where shading becomes geometry so they can blend together more naturally than ever before…
The output must not repeat any input verbatim.

As you can see, the doughnut is complete with all of its tasty sprinkles. The texture and taste are perfectly balanced in this one! Have a look at what creator Magnus has created for us here on Vimeo: Ambrohh.