How To Model A Simple House Procedurally In Houdini

The CGI Nerd shows how to model a simple building procedurally using Houdini.

After modeling in a procedural way for some time, you will find that there is more than just extruding and putting objects together. The upside to this approach? You get flexibility with models; like developing houses by parametrically adding windows (and doors) onto the facade details of your building – all while retaining an organic look that would otherwise be impossible without using traditional methods!

Gaming and computer graphics enthusiast NPC Alejandro Perez has been working on a project to create an entire city for his video game. He is modeling it all in three dimensions, creating buildings by procedurally generating parts of them at runtime!

“The CGI Nerd Alejandro Perez” hosted a live stream where he demonstrated how to model an entire building procedurally. “We’ll be able to control many of the settings and create variations that are completely unique,” says Mr Pérez, which is exciting because it gives architects more freedom when designing their projects!