How To Morph Between Any Two Shapes In After Effects

Ben Marriott shares his method for a quick and easy morph between any two shapes in After Effects. It’s called “Shape Flow” – watch the tutorial to see how it works!

In After Effects, you can accomplish a lot with shape layers. The process of creating morph effects is not the most efficient method in Ae – but that’s where motion designer Ben Marriott’s preferred workflow comes into play! He uses both shape primitives and moving points to quickly move between two different shapes without having to do anything extra like Bake Exporter Data (which would take much longer).

Ben notes that you can apply the techniques to any shapes. It offers an excellent result without having to spend a lot of time placing anchor points and keyframing them with all kinds of keys, there’s also plenty of polish added in this video tutorial for when Ben finishes up by showing us how he made his final animation! You’ll find it downloadable here on our website under “Downloads.”