How To Prepare Image Textures With Blender Compositor

Christoph Werner shows you how to achieve the look of your favorite in-game textures without having any artistic skills.
Do not have time? Don’t worry, Christoph’s video will show it all for free!

Christoph Werner has a new tutorial that shows how to create and composite textures in Blender. It’s an alternative for those who use applications such as Photoshop or Gimp, considering they can be quite time-consuming when creating image formats on their own!

Blender Compositor, Blender’s Hidden Treasure

Christoph goes through the process of creating a leaf texture, using an image taken by his phone. Instead of downloading other applications like Photoshop or Illustrator to edit it himself, he shows how you can do all your work in Blender’s compositor!

You’ll learn about nodes and clicks while understanding what makes up Christoph’s step-by-step tutorial for making this simple but detailed design that would look great anywhere from an app icon (or game character) down right on its own without any need for shading–and even get some insight into why these processes are important with regards to preparing images before they get complexed during rendering time.

About Christoph Werner

Christoph Werner is a freelance Art Director and CG Artist, located in Germany. Along with his work on the side as an instructor for 3D-Coat courses he also makes tutorials about digital products like Blender that one might find themselves using if they are into art or design professionally!