How To Project Soft Shadows In Fusion And Resolve

VFXstudy shows how you can get soft shadows using OpenGL in Fusion.

You’ve been trying to extract a shadow from the 3D render, but it’s proving more difficult than you thought. Luckily for us there are some tips and tricks that can help make this process much smoother! First of all – let me tell ya what we’re going try out here:

In Fusion or Davinci Resolve an easy way is using “Blend Shadows with Textures Only”. To do so go under “Effects” in either application then choose “Shadow/Illusion Effects.” From there find where it says .

Klimm demonstrates how to create soft shadows in Resolve by projecting the projected shadow back into a 3D scene.

Extract a 2D shadow pass from 3D for use in different graphic manipulation programs. Or project soft shadows back into the scene with your favorite rendering engine to enhance its visual appeal! is a great site for both Fusion and Resolve training videos, with professional instructors who offer free courses as well as paid ones to teach you the ropes on those programs! The most popular course available teaches beginners how use Black Magic’s newest software called fusions 5-8 in order from novice user all the way up through expert level expertise.