How To Quickly Create A Normal Map In Photoshop

Jonathan Winbush shows how you can make a normal map in Photoshop from other maps. The technique might be useful if your game requires it, but most games don’t use this type of art!

Photoshop is still a widely used tool for 3D artists. While PS has its own environment, allowing people to create and render scenes in three dimensions it also comes with an equally powerful mapmaking feature that can turn two dimensional images into something much more substantial: normal maps! Check out this quick tip tutorial from Jonathan Winbush on how you can make your designs come alive by using these essential tools within Photoshop’s UI .

Generate Normal Maps and Bump Mapping with this free program

Photoshop has been around for a long time, and its map creation feature is no exception. There are two ways you can create maps with the filter menu – 3D Map option which will generate normal or bump maps from diffuse images quickly enough; plus it’s also available under “Map” if your image needs color representation as well!

Photoshop offers an easy way to get started on generating both Normal Maps (generated by applying translucency) & Bump Data when working with Diffuse layers open in Photoshop CS5+.