How To Quickly Create A Realistic Moon With Cinema 4D And Octane

Rhett Dashwood shares some tips for making and rendering a realistic moon with Octane.

Who doesn’t like maps? In this tutorial, Rhett Dashwood shows how to create realistic-looking moon rendering in C4D using NASA’s CGI Moon Kit. The high resolution mountains and craters are waiting for you!

About Rhett Dashwood.

Rhett Dashwood is an award-winning Creative Director with experience in a broad range of creative media, including digital and print. He’s worked for studios like Emery/Frost (digital), Tribal(animation) AKQA Exit Films DDB among many more during his 15+ years as an industry professional.
Retha was born into this work after graduating from Ringling College Of Art And Design His portfolio includes work done on film-making projects which can be seen at www dot retha.