How To Quickly Create Clothing Using Blender And Marvelous Designer

By Martin Klekner

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IMPORTANT: If you encounter wiggling animation error in Marvelous, check the second part of the tutorial, where at the beginning I explain how to fix it:

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Finally, a way to make your favorite Game of Thrones characters come alive! I’ve always wanted Jon Snow in leather armor. Well now you can do it with just the click of an button because Marvelous Designer is here and ready for action — let’s get started on creating our own dress or cloak from scratch using this program that allows us more options than ever before..

0:48 Blender 2.8 RC
1:11 CGBoost Launch Pad Course
1:47 Preparing the character in Blender
4:33 Marvelous Designer Intro
6:16 Making the Chiton Pattern
7:49 Mirroring the Cihton Pattern
9:19 Simulation and Sewing the Chiton
12:07 Manually Adjusting the Cloth
13:56 Changing the Fabric Type
14:34 Animating and Pinning
16:19 Making the Cloak
18:33 Finalizing the Cloak
19:33 Adding Pressure and Exporting
20:57 Importing into Blender