How To Quickly Create Infinite Image Zooms With Blender

CGMatter shows how to create an infinite image zoom in Blender using basic shading and animation.

Imagine you’re walking through an endless landscape, with your camera at 100% Zoom. As soon as one or two things catch the viewer’s eye they are able to get up close and personal for a better look without feeling too overwhelmed by how many miles were put between each image in order that we might see more clearly their beauty.

2D images can be just as awe-inspiring when used correctly thanks largely due this clever trick! The video tutorial walks viewers step-bystep through using Blender software which is free open source program where basic shading techniques enable anyone.

Blender is an excellent choice for creating infinite zoom graphics. The process of using the program may not be perfect, but with some work you can make it look much more polished than what’s shown in this tutorial and still get your content out quickly!