How To Quickly Fix Ngons In Maya With Quadrangulate

Josh Antonio offers a simple tip for quickly converting nGons to quads in Maya using Triangulate and Quadrangulate.

A new quick tip tutorial from Josh Antonio shows how you can quickly create quads using Maya’s triangulate and quadrangulate tools successively. It’s a simple thing that many people use to promptly fix nGons or other unwanted faces in the scene when they are having problems with polygonal models, textures applied on top of them may get canceled out by these unplanned features sticking up into view so this trick is usually employed first-line before anything else happens!

It’s easy to see how customizing your face shapes can give you the perfect look. First, select which of your desired faces are going into this project by using the XYZ positioning tools on each individual feature that needs adjusting; then triangulate them with clicks or taps in order to get an idea for what it should be like before quadrilateralizing (quad).

With most steps completed rather quickly thanks to hotkeys/shortcut keys available both during editing time as well after having rendered out images compatible with various software programs used today such as Photoshop etc., there isn’t much left but deciding exactly where those adjustments need tacked on next!