How To Quickly Re-symmetrize A Model In Maya For Symmetry

Jan Jinda shows how you can Re-symmetrize a model to get the symmetry tools to work again in Maya.

Forgot to turn the symmetry function on? No worries, we have a quick and easy way for you. Jan Jinda shows how in this video!

Jinda also shows how to do another tedious task, which is symmetrizing UVs and copying non-symmetrical detail from one side of your model without changing the UV map or vertex order with his latest quick tip. Jan Jinduo has been a lead build TD at Double Negative in the UK since 2013 where he creates tutorials that are proving excellent resources for Maya users! Check out these if you missed them before:
“Quick Tip 1 – Symmetric Diffuse Maps”, ” QuickTip 2 – Copying Geometry Between Sides Of A Model Using Vertex Ops.