How To Quickly Select First And Last In Houdini In Group Nodes

Five31 shows how to select first and last items within a group node in SideFX Houdini.

When working in Houdini, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to select a specific primitive element. This is because of how selection changed drastically with version 16 or so – before then your choices were limited and now they aren’t any more!

If this happens just remember that if there are multiple primitives closest together on-screen press Enter once each time until all desired elements have been selected for easier editing later down the line from within 3ds Max using Ray Trace materials against DefaultInverseTransparency enabled models only though not strictly necessary at times depending upon what type dataset one has created over previous years/months even.

“If you’ve been trying to figure out how $N works in Houdini without any luck, this video is for you,” Clisham says. The expression ends up being slightly longer but just as simple to use–need a little more control? David Kahl showed us that VEX logic allows us to select points on geometry using Wrangle nodes with ease!