How To Recreate The Ms Flow Wallpaper With Blender

Outer Worlds shows how you can create the Windows 11 Flow Wallpaper using Blender.

Windows 11 has added some real doozies to their collection of wallpapers. The Flow series, which are all about movement and flow-throughs is one my favorite yet most interesting ones because it gives you the chance for some creativity with your desktop space! Check out this article on How To Create That Wallpaper Look Using Blender if you want learn how recreate them yourself too.

You never thought that you could do work in video games, right? Well now with the new DCC shader workflow it is possible. This type of program has been used for many different types of software programs including Maya or C4D which are both 3ds Max alternatives to create realistic looking images without using any plugins from your computer’s operating system!

The tutorial provides a thorough walkthrough of the entire process, from lighting and shading to rendering.

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