How To Render 360 VR With Vray For Maya

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez Shows the Workflow For Creating and Presenting 360 VR Images and Animation With Maya and V-Ray Next.

360 VR is permeating through to pretty much everywhere. No longer are there stereo 3D and device-navigated 360 videos for high end systems, with YouTubers on Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo supporting the platform – now toolsets like Mocha’s Fusion App exist!

A few ways to render 360 VR from Maya: if you work with Arnold or V-Ray, both engines can do it. But that’s only part of the workflow!

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez, the man behind 360° panoramas and virtual reality (VR) videos knows how to make them look good. His latest tutorial will show you not only what goes into creating these images but also upload them for all your social media needs! He starts off with monoscopic renders in V-Ray Next before moving onto stereoscopic output using Autodesk Maya’s amazing tools like Hypersharp Shading Language which was released within this year alone.