How To Render Paint Effects With Renderman

Earlyworm CG Puts Renderman Together With Paint Effects Using a Simple Free Script.

Maya has no shortage of methods to create things like grass. You have your choice of xGen, MASH, painting instances and even the old standby-paint effects! Being that Paint Effects is older technology (although still quite useful) a lot render engines don’t support it right out-of -the box with their default settings.

However there’s always ways around this problem by converting strokes into polygons in postproduction if you want more control over how something looks while using pfx for procedural capabilities but require access through another means such as Renderman which may also come down graphics card type because certain cards cannot do everything well otherwise.

“Renderman 22 is pretty fast at rendering curves, and paint effects are the forgotten gem in Maya’s toolbox. Earlyworm writes that it has access to data when it comes to Paint Effects strokes; one useful piece of this information involves Cs (color). It also contains type name description as well as all these other details like what frame number an effect occurs on.”–7_U