How To Render Rig Controls With Arnold

3D Models World Shows an Easy Way to Render Rig Controls Using Arnold Render.

Technical artists know that curves typically do not render. Fortunately, there are ways to make them show up in Arnold for Autodesk Maya users who need this type of control on their 3D model’s world blog shows how easy it is!

Making curves show up in the render has a lot of uses. You can quickly set them for cables and other situations, without having to model them! There could also be times when you would want people who are watching your demo reel to see how it was animated so they know what’s going on with their own work.

A tutorial will help teach more about roto-animation techniques such as Arnold enabled curve placements which is simple enough with just clicks and button presses that enable these features while rendering 3D models or animation clips for demos reels used by employers looking at candidates who may need training.