How To Retopologize A Head in Zbrush

Retopology is part science, art-form and the result of all these combined. The idea behind it can be broken down into two parts: Layout polygons in such way that they benefit animation techs downstream like character models look how they do because pioneers have contributed greatly to understanding topological theory by Brian Tindall (Hippydrome) or Sergi Caballerecipient breaking those theories down put them into practice with Zbrush tutorial showing you how retopologize heads using his techniques.

Why not just use ZRemesher?

Zbrush has some amazing technology behind it. ZRemesher is really cool because you can automatically retopologize any model that I have created with just a little bit of user input! It doesn’t allow me to control exactly how my head needs to look when this process happens though so if something like style or shape matters more than anything else in regards to what type of topology an object should be using then maybe go ahead and try another program out here on the market right now before investing time into getting used too much again only find yourself unhappy later down the road once everything become automated without having your say one way or another anymore.

An invisible edit with the power to flatten your face, re-sculpt it into a masterpiece.
It’s time for some retouching! In this tutorial, we will learn how you too can get in on these Photoshop hacks and make heads look like bosses (or maybe even better). First, let me set up what we’re working towards:

It all starts by creating an image that has been built using polygons; more specifically “polygons” referring any collection of points joined together as opposed to just one continuous piece such as when doing straight lines or curves – there are many ways people choose amongst themselves but whatever method they use sure does come down ultimately having something 3D looking (which is actually really cool!). Once created then.